Ricky Franzose


If there’s one person who truly lives and breathes the verse “Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me” - it’s Ricky. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and you can find him on the front lines of building relationships and identifying needs that need to be fulfilled. He wants to focus on education and providing resources to people so they can be empowered to make their own decisions and take control of their lives. He believes in meeting people where they’re at and not passing judgment on anybody’s situation. Ricky, along with Michelle wants to eventually grow the Least of These into eventually having a physical location where people can come in without feeling judged and receive the help and advice that they need to get their lives back on track. He not only spreads the message but truly lives it as an example in his day to day life. He has big plans for where he wants to take the ministry.