Embracing those in need

Since 2014 we've worked with volunteers and organizations to meet the basic needs of the poor. The heartbeat of what we do is to let everyone know they are loved and have a name.


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Our Staff


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Michelle Franzose


Michelle has had a passion for helping the homeless for as long as she can remember. Having experienced homelessness herself, she understands, empathizes, and engages with the homeless community on a deeply personal level. She places a focus on not just providing monetary relief, but also on building relationships with the community in order to provide even more personalized and meaningful aid. She also believes that while being reactive to people’s situations is important, being proactive in preventing homelessness is the crucial step in stopping the cycle. She might be one of the few people left on this Earth who truly still has faith in humanity and is able to see the good in everyone. She’s excited to see where growing the Least of These ministry will take her and her husband.


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Ricky Franzose


If there’s one person who truly lives and breathes the verse “Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me” - it’s Ricky. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and you can find him on the front lines of building relationships and identifying needs that need to be fulfilled. He wants to focus on education and providing resources to people so they can be empowered to make their own decisions and take control of their lives. He believes in meeting people where they’re at and not passing judgment on anybody’s situation. Ricky, along with Michelle wants to eventually grow the Least of These into eventually having a physical location where people can come in without feeling judged and receive the help and advice that they need to get their lives back on track. He not only spreads the message but truly lives it as an example in his day to day life. He has big plans for where he wants to take the ministry.


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Lance & Michelle

Emmaus Road Street Ministry Leaders

Lance and Michelle is a great addition to our team they bring a lot of enthusiasm for the for the needy, Rather that would be on the streets or in our community. Their goal is to build relationships, and to bring healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually by praying, evangelizing, discipling the homeless and those living in poverty


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Pastor Al & April Sesin

Love with Legs

This couple brings fresh dimension to our team. Pastor Al has spent many years in pastoral ministry and is currently part of the pastoral staff of our home church, Kingdom Life. Through those years he has pioneered and overseen 2 separate food pantries and led many outreaches to the needy in the places he ministered. His perspective adds valuable balance as Least of These endeavors to partner with multiple churches and ministries throughout Maine … and beyond. His wife, April, has a sweet spirit, a tender heart, and deep love for those who are hurting. Her entire life, both secular and ministry, has been focused on children. It was into her heart that the Holy Spirit dropped the seed thought for our “Love with Legs” outreach.


Our Heart

We aim to bring hope, love, warmth, and kindness to the homeless. People want to know that they matter, that they are worth something, that they are loved. We minister to people's hearts, listen to their stories, and offer hope. There is no judgment for their earthly circumstances: we are here to show them what genuine love is and that they have a name worth knowing. 




Least of These was birthed as an outreach expression from Kingdom Life Church but has sought to partner with many local churches and organizations to fulfill its mission. We are accountable to and work to fulfill Kingdom Life's mission. Learn more about our incredible church.

Our Board


Our board covers us in prayer, and gives counsel in our decision making and gives accountability to our finances.


Jim & Kim Dickson

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Pastor Jamie Dickson

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Jane Arroyo


Marie Nettie


Our Partners

Our partners are so important to us and we accomplish a lot together. We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to those who help us make a difference in someone's life.

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